The first version of Executor 3D is ready!

DOWNLOAD 64-bit (v1.2)

But what is it all about?

Executor 3D is a software that helps you prepare your models for 3D printing.

A simplified interface on the main screen makes it easier to operate for the beginners. You simply drag and drop the model file on the scene and begin the process of cutting into layers. If you are a more advanced user, you can make use of many modifiable parameters. You can experiment with the parameters in order to achieve the best results. A free trial version is fully functional.

Try out today the new Executor 3D software!

Simple, Effective, Intelligent

Check for yourself what you can do with the Executor3D package. In the upcoming months we will be implementing new conveniences and options. In the meantime you can always check out our forum, which you will find on this page, to share your thoughts and opinions about the Executor3D software. If you are curious about the features, that will help you preparing the best printout, take a look below.

  • Avoids crossing already printed paths

    It will prevent the material from being smeared on the printing platform and helps with achieving even better printouts. If possible, the engine generating the GCODE (a list of commands, prepared to be read and processed by a 3D printer) creates for the printing head paths, that will not lead it on the already printed areas.

  • Supports the sensitive parts of the model

    In case that the engine will discover some points or areas on the model that can collapse during printing, it will create an additional support inside the model. Creating those supports for the model is an automatic process.

  • Saves the basic print parameters in the GCODE file

    The output GCODE file contains information about the used material, nozzle diameter, layer height. By printing again using the same GCODE file you are sure to avoid any mistakes concerning the wrong material or a different nozzle.

  • Advanced GCODE file preview

    Another feature of the Executor3D software is an advanced viewer for the generated GCODE files. It can show any number of layers, check the speed of head movements, preview its idle moves and places with the retraction.


Let’s stay in touch in order to create together an ever better software!

You can always tell us your thoughts and opinions about the Executor 3D on our forum.

There you can also share information with other users, ask about additional features or report an error.

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