Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Activation helps to decrease the software piracy and enables us to bring you the software exactly as it was designed.

Activation means that the Executor3D application will be connected with the hardware on which in was installed. Using the product key on one computer prevents it from being used on another. Activation is obligatory for every user. After the trial version you need to activate the product in order to use it.

During the activation process, some information are sent to the wyDay company servers, which is responsible for the product key verification. They are:

  • product key, containing a 5-digit code, which identifies the activated product
  • installation date
  • information which confirm that the product key is original
  • a number generated on the basis of used hardware. This number does not contain any information that could identify the user, nor any information about other software installed on the hardware. It also cannot be used to identify the hardware model or any other of its parameters

The software can detect changes in the hardware configuration. Small changes do not require reactivation. If you uninstall the application, reactivation may be required. Also some changes in the hardware components may be a reason to activate the application once again.

If you cannot finish the activation process, you may receive a link to a website, where you will find information that may provide you with the solution. If you decide to click on this link, information about a failed activation process will be sent to the wyDay and ATMAT servers. Those information may contain some data collected during the activation process.

You may be asked to reactivate your application. In this case the activation guide may ask for some additional information about your license status.

If you do not activate or reactivate your copy of the application, you will not be able to use it further.

The data gathered during the activation, deactivation or reactivation process are not used to identify your identity.

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